Attorney Alison Ronald

Alison Ronald

I am a lawyer by choice.

I didn't choose the law as a 20 year old thinking about careers and salaries. This wasn't a birth-right passed on by my mother or father.

I took this path because I believe in the work our Founding Fathers did in 1787. I believe it was their intention to fashion a nation whose  Constitution and  character reflects the diversity and humanity in and of, all of us.

If it is true that the measure of a society lies in how it treats the least among them... I am trying my best to "measure" up.

I  have fashioned a family law practice  that seeks to minimize the difficulties of divorce. To  recognize that change is natural and that finding fault can be a self-defeating exercise. Just as there are times that call for fierce advocacy, there are other times that call for a balanced approach.

A free 30 minute consultation  is  where we start. I follow your lead to supply the expertise you can't supply yourself.

Moderate to low-income clients are welcomed. My fees operate on a sliding scale and it's not often I turn away clients because they can't pay. 

Whether the need is dissolution, child custody or other family matters, I am here to help. Call, 831-920-0267 for more.