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Alison Ronald

I am a lawyer by choice.


I didn't choose the law as a 20-year-old thinking about careers and salaries. This wasn't a birthright passed on by my mother or father.

I took this path because I believe in the work our Founding Fathers did in 1787. I believe they intended to fashion a nation whose  Constitution and  character reflect the diversity and humanity that is all of us. I took this path do my part.

  • Estate Planning affects anyone who has people they care about. Even if your estate consists only of  your personal property, minimizing the stress and expense of probate to protect all that you have built is crucial to its, and your family's, value

  • Housing is a fundamental and complex issue that requires a proper understanding of California law.  I have worked with both tenants and property owners, navigating a compact and  challenging legal system, to achieve needed results.

  • I began my professional career as a business systems developer (software), and I Have an MBA that concentrates in Finance. As a consultant to a business owner we can talk about the "structural" concerns that make a small business successful.

A free 30 minute meeting  is  where we start. I follow your lead to supply the expertise you can't supply yourself. 

Whether the need is Estate Planning, Housing disputes, or Small Business concerns, I am here to help. Call, 707-843-5488 to begin

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